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Gary, Dana, Chris Kircher
4641 Linne Rd
Seguin, Texas 78155-1311
TB & Brucellosis Free Herd
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  2011 member of the Santa Gertrudis Breeders International
 2011 member of the Mid-Coast Santa Gertrudis Association
 2011 member of the Premier Santa Gertrudis Association

Our main goal at the K3 Ranch is to consistently produce
 quality Santa Gertrudis show heifers, quality Santa Gertrudis replacement heifers, 
quality Santa Gertrudis replacement bulls, quality Santa Gertrudis Herd Sire's
 and Santa Gertrudis semen for sale.
To achieve this goal we A/I our show quality Santa Gertrudis heifers to some of the best Santa
Gertrudis Bulls available. We only keep the best in our program to achieve this goal.

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The Santa Gertrudis was the first breed developed in the Western Hemisphere.
Experimental crossbreeding of the Brahman and Shorthorn cattle
began on the Santa Gertrudis Division of the King Ranch.
In 1920 an outstanding bull calf called "Monkey" was produced. Highly potent,
he became the foundation sire of the Santa Gertrudis breed.
 Through many generations his descendant shave retained the rapid and efficient growth,
solid red color, hardiness, and good disposition for which "Monkey" was noted.
The United States Department of Agriculture recognized the Santa Gertrudis as a distinct breed in 1940.

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